Compulsive Hoarding - a hidden illness

Compulsive hoarding is a distressing and debilitating psychological condition that is only just beginning to be recognised.

The aim of this website is to provide a comprehensive resource of up-to-date information about compulsive hoarding, its diagnosis, research, treatment, the available support and what books you should read

You'll also find an FAQ on compulsive hoarding and the latest views on this disabling illness.

News-May 2013: 'Hoarding disorder' has new psychiatric diagnosis in DSM-5.  Read more...

What is compulsive hoarding?

 Understand this illness and read the latest views

Can you spare a few moments to help us with our research into hoarding disorder?

It's a just a few questions about hoarding in your family

More than one sort of clutter?

Find out about the three Cs.

Clutter, clots and clog

Thinking of     some help? 

Information on the support for compulsive hoarding

Clutter or hoarding issues?

Trauma and stress may affect compulsive hoarding. 

What's going on in YOUR life?

Take the Wade-Bennett life-clutter test and find out how you score!

Is it just clutter? 

Concerned that it may be more?

Read about

the diagnosis of compulsive hoarding

What should I read?

A comprehensive summary of the publications available about hoarding disorder 

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Treatment options

 Drugs, therapy or both?

Compulsive hoarding research

Brain activity, familiestrauma and the latest unpublished studies

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