Making a decision

If you are reading this site, the probability is that you, or someone who know has a problem with clutter or hoarding.

Living in clutter is the most miserable existence.  A common phrase we hear is 'I don't want to live like this any more'.  But making that decision takes time and actually putting that decision into action often takes even longer.

What to do  

Don't worry we're not going to suggest that you start frantically throwing things out.  There are lots of other things you can do first!

* Read this website.  There is a huge range of information here, much of which is our personal view and is not available elsewhere on the internet.  The site is being continually updated, so do come back and visit us often! 

There may just be something you read that strikes a chord with you and helps you with that decision.  We suggest starting with About compulsive hoarding and A new view.

* If you have other health problems such as clinical depression or OCD, be kind to yourself and visit your GP.  Generally speaking doctors are unsure how to treat compulsive hoarding, but depression can be successfully treated and alleviating that illness may help with your energy levels.

* Take the Wade-Bennett life-clutter test.  Find out what is going on in your life that may have lead you to clutter or hoard.

* Sometimes naming things helps.  If you are ill with an undiagnosed illness, you worry endlessly about what it may be.  When a diagnosis is made, even of a serious condition, it be comes more manageable because it has a name.  You might find it useful to read our pages on vocabulary and the Three Cs.

* Stop acquiring.  For example, don't pick up or buy newspapers or magazines.  This is a major step forward.  The less you bring into your home the easier it will be to sort out what is already there.

* Send for our how-to guides.  Cluttergone always has practical and helpful information available on how to clear your clutter, including the popular how-to guide 'Where do I start?'.

* Consider joining a support group for compulsive hoarders, either on-line or a traditional self-help group meeting.

* Read our blog.  Follow the true story of Stella, one of our clients who is struggling with clutter and disorganisation.   We have been so moved in the time we have known her we felt that others could benefit from an insight into her life.  Our thanks to Stella for letting us share through a diary what REALLY happens when you declutter and organise with Cluttergone.

* Make a start.  It doesn't matter what you do.  Just take just 15 minutes to go through your home and throw out anything that you consider to be rubbish.  Try to do this as often as you can.  Every day is good. We understand that may be difficult and it will take time.

* If you are ready to clear your clutter, are struggling on your own and think that you would benefit from some hands-on help, do visit our other website   Our team of professional declutter and organise consultants cover much of the UK from the West Midlands, through London and the South East and across to the West Country.

* If you can spare a moment, perhaps you would participate in our on-line survey. It's just one question.  At what age did clutter become a problem for you?

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