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The Hoarder Next Door aired 3 May 2012 is a series of four programmes from Channel Four team TwentyTwenty.

Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder a Channel 4 programme by the Cutting Edge team featuring Richard Wallace aired 21 December 2011. A follow-up programme is planned for 2012.

My Hoarder Mum and Me - a BBC One programme screened 16 August 2011. Features Jasmine Harman as she attempts to help her hoarding mother.

International news on compulsive hoarding

Serial hoarder found buried under piles of rubbish at home after four months. Daily Telegraph - 29 August 2010

Hoarding disorder proposed for DSM-V American Psychiatric Association, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Hoarding disorder: a new disorder in the draft of the DSM-V - Unclutterer -18 February 2010

Major changes loom for bible of mental health- Medpage today - 19 May 2010

Latest UK news on compulsive hoarding

Firefighters take three days to find woman - Daily Mail 31 March 2012

'Hoarding’ is just one of the new mental conditions being added to the psychiatrists’ bible - Daily Mail 15 February 2010

No way out -  the life of an extreme hoarder Gordon Stewart - The Guardian Saturday 28 March 2009

The thin link between junk and treasure - Daily Telegraph 24 Jan 2009

Rubbish hoarder forced to pay £38,000 clean-up bill - Daily Telegraph 24 Jan 2009

Family dismay over dying man 'neglected' by medics - The Guardian 3 January 2009

Well remembered

In the UK the most remembered hoarder is Edmund Trebus who came to fame featuring in the BBC docusoap 'Life of Grime' shown in 1999.  Mr Trebus spent much of his time in conflict with the local authorities and was eventually placed in a nursing home before dying in 2002.

Compulsive hoarding - Why some people are incapable of throwing out clutter - BBC Radio 4 Woman's hour.  Listen online.

World of Compulsive Hoarders is a one-off documentary from Channel 4 which follows the story of four compulsive hoarders, two of whom are from the UK.

In the US, it's the tale of the Collyer brothers. 

Why some people become hoarders - news article from the BBC website


Interesting articles from the past

Law and hoarders. Hoarding can become a clinical disorder. The Guardian 26 Jan 2005

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