Support for compulsive hoarders

There is very little support available for clutterers and compulsive hoarders. We've done the research and below is a summary of what we've found.

  • Self-help support groups
  • On-line support groups
  • Blogs
  • General information on the web
  • Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT)
  • Professional hands-on help
  • Books to read
  • TV Programmes

Please contact us if there is anything you can add to this list.

Hoarding self-help support group in the UK

Currently, there is only ONE self-help support group in the whole of the UK.  Run as part of OCD Action, it is professionally led by Satwant Singh who is a nurse consultant in CBT and Mental Health and a specialist in this field.  He is donating his time and the meeting is open to those with obsessive hoarding issues, their families, friends and carers. 

We have been along to a meeting as observers and found a warm welcome along with a constructive and supportive atmosphere.

The group meets from 6 - 8pm on the last Wednesday of the month in East Ham, East London.  More details on the OCD Action website.

Online support groups

For hoarders:

  • Yahoo H-C. For hoarders with OCD and a strong desire to improve their living spaces.  To remain an active member you must post actions and responses
  • Yahoo Messiness and hoarding. A group of over 2000 members for whom hoarding is a significant problem and who want to change.
  • Yahoo Declutter support. Friendly on-line support for clutterers
  • Stepping out of squalor

Their families and friends:


  • The Stuff Project - Blog detailing the clearing of a hoard. A MUST READ!
  • Stella's story - How Cluttergone have worked with one of their decluttering clients.

General information on the web

There are a number of websites on the internet that provide information and support for hoarders and their families.

Books to read on compulsive hoarding

We can only find less than half a dozen books written on the subject of compulsive hoarding.  Three of these have been written by the same authors.

Reading these books make the treatment seem straightforward.  It is not.  Read our reviews of books on compulsive hoarding.

The are dozens of books written on the subject of clutter and disorganisation, most of which originate from the USA.   These have lead to the development of new terms to describe clutterers and hoarders such 'messie' and increased use of the traditionally term used in the US 'pack rat'. 

Many of our Cluttergone clients find these books of little help as they are aimed at people who just want to 'get organised' and find 'storage solutions' rather than any basic, realistic, practical help. 

We've also reviewed the best books to read on decluttering on the Cluttergone website.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Few CBT practitioners in the USA have any specialist training in compulsive hoarding and we are not aware of any specialists in the UK. 

There is a directory of CBT therapists at CBT Register UK, some of whom treat obsessive compulsive disorders.

TV Programme

Discovery Studios who produce the programme for TLC 'Hoarding:Buried Alive' are looking for participants for their third documentary series which will feature stories of hoarding from the UK, USA and other countries.  Read on for more information....

Professional hands-on help

If you are ready to clear your clutter and think that you would benefit from some hands-on help, do visit our other website 

Our team of professional declutter and organise consultants cover much of the UK from the West Midlands, through London and the South East and across to the West Country.

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