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On this page you'll find a collection links to checklists, tests and surveys related to clutter and compulsive hoarding.  Why not come back every now and again to see how you are doing?

The Wade-Bennett life-clutter scale

What's going on in your life?  Is there a connection between trauma and out of control possessions?  

Take the Wade-Bennett life-clutter test and and find the events that may have lead you to clutter or hoard.  Read more about the Wade-Bennett life-clutter scale....

NEW! A genetic component to hoarding?

We've just started some research, can you help? It's just a few questions about hoarding in your family.

This is about the kids...

Hoarding behaviour can be a problem early in life, this quick survey asks about your  children and their stuff.

Hoarding and depression

Take our short survey about hoarding and depression and how they affect your life.

A long-term problem?

Serious hoarding has been described as developing over 10-15 years.

Take our survey RIGHT NOW At what age did clutter become a problem for you? 

Personal stuff

Now this is a sensitive question we are asking.  There is no need to enter your name, address or email, it's completely anonymous.  You can always just take a look.....'When was the last time you washed your bedlinen

Why do you clutter or hoard?

Here's another question.  Maybe know why, maybe you don't, or it might be many reasons.  What do YOU think has caused you to clutter or hoard?  We are fascinated to find out and it might make you think, too!

Clutter checklist

Where's your clutter hiding?  What are your clutter hotspots? Can you find those important items? Find out how you score on the Cluttergone website, with our light-hearted clutter checklist.

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