Wade-Bennett life-clutter scale

What's going on in your life?

One of the main strands in our debriefs as professional declutterers are the histories. We noticed that people having difficulty with their belongings were telling us similar stories about recent life experiences. Cancer, bereavements, long work hours are all very common. We wanted to see whether we could correlate traumas with out of control processions.

In late 2007, we started working on The Wade-Bennett Scale. The responses have so far confirmed our hypothesis. More importantly, the people doing the questionnaire tell us that answering the questionaire has put their difficulties into perspective and encouraged them to do something.

After doing the calculations manually on Wade-Bennett for six months, we have now had it programmed to calculate automatically.  It is now being released more widely and we expect to attract a much larger sample.

In parallel with our efforts, trauma(s) has now been hypothesised by researchers as a contributing factor to compulsive hoarding. There are studies currently proposed that will investigate this aspect. The development of Wade-Bennett led us to working with a GP and her research into the connection between clutter and mood.

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